Passion for Mussels


About Mussels A Quality Choice A sustainable choice Enjoying Mussels
About mussels A quality choice A sustainable choice Enjoying mussels 
Do you know that mussels can be found in most parts of the world? Mussels are one of the most popular seafood dishes consumed in a large variety of preparations throughout the world. One mussel is capable to filter up to 5 litres of seawater within one hour.Read more A high quality mussel has a lot of meat, a clean shell and is therefore very convenient to prepare. 

A meaty mussel has lots of meat inside the shell in comparison to the weight of the shell itself. Modern production techniques ensure that mussels arrive to consumers already cleaned and de byssed (ie the filaments are taken off), either ready to cook or pre cooked and ready to heat and serve.

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As well as being nutritious and healthy mussels are also a sustainable choice due to the low impact of mussel production on the environment. Mussels are a sedentary animal and simply feed on whatever flows through their open shell by taking the nutritious elements in the water, mainly composed of natural phytoplankton which are unicellular plants. Their impact on the environment is therefore minimal and mussel production generates a low carbon footprint.Read more Mussels are rich in protein and low in calories, which make them a perfect ingredient for healthy meals. Their exquisite taste and soft texture will delight all gourmets.Read More