Enjoying mussels

Serving mussels at a meal has many advantages and should become a regular habit. As well as being a gastronomic delight and very versatile mussels are very nutritious but also good fun!

What better way to indulge in a convivial meal with friends that to relax around a plate, bowl or pot full of mussels. One great source of enjoyment when eating mussels is that fingers are perfectly adequate, especially in the case of Moules Marinière or half shell type recipes. The conviviality of using ones fingers to eat comes from the lowering of usual social norms of using a fork and knife and thereby installs a more relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels equal in an utterly enjoyable ritual of finger licking fun.

Another source of enjoyment and conviviality comes from the versatility of mussels concerning their preparation, ingredients and accompaniment. Simply heated until the shell opens in a pot or pan with white wine and seasoning or stuffed on the half shell with garlic, butter and breadcrumbs the variety of mussel recipes is as limited as ones imagination.  Whether you and your guests are wine connoisseurs, beer connoisseurs or simply adepts of pure water will have no influence on your decision to serve mussels or not, the decision can also be a positive one.

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