Sustainable for nature

Mussels production has a low impact on the environment because mussels feed themselves naturally on phytoplankton which is present in the sea.  No external entrants are required, neither feed nor medication, which guarantees a natural wholesome tasty product on the consumers plate. Mussels can almost be considered a wild product, the seed mussels are collected in the wild to be left feed naturally until they reach market size and are harvested from clean coastal waters.  Mussels grown in Ireland also benefit from the mixed waters of the Gulf Stream and estuarine waters from rivers which run through unique ecosystems such as natural bog. These waters are both pristine and naturally rich in phytoplankton. Due to the minimum level of human intervention, mussel production has a low carbon footprint. Mussel farmers may also adhere to eco friendly quality schemes such as the Irish Quality Eco mussel standard.

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